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Plymouth Frozen Pipes

Plymouth Frozen PipesDuring the winter one of the many common problems is having Plymouth frozen pipes. There are ways that you can prevent your pipes form getting frozen during the winter months. We all love when it snows and we can enjoy building snow men but avoiding the problems that come with the winter months is important as well.

First if you have exposed Plymouth pipes then you need to leave them dripping so they do not freeze. When the water is continually flowing then it makes it hard to freeze. When the Plymouth pipes freeze they can also burst which will cause a lot of damage and cost you money so make sure that you use this preventive measure.

After you have done this then you need to make sure that you check the Plymouth pipes often to make sure that they are not bulging and frozen. If you notice that they are bulging then you need to defrost them as soon as possible because this is a sign they they could burst. You need to always check your Plymouth pipes for issues so that they will not break and cost you a lot of money.

Once a pipe is frozen then you want to use a heat lamp to thaw them. It used to be people would use an open flame to thaw Plymouth pipes but this is a dangerous method and you want to avoid burning your house down. There are also Plymouth professionals that you can call who will come and take care of this issue for you.

If you need a plumber to thaw frozen pipes in Plymouth, please call 612-827-2871 or complete our online request form.

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