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Prepare Your Plumbing for a Minneapolis Winter

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Baby, it’s cold outside! This is especially true for any homeowner living in Minneapolis and the surrounding Minnesota area. During the dead of winter, specifically in January – February, The average temperature ranges from 8 degrees to 24 degrees. This means that plumbing is subjected to sub-freezing temperatures for a considerable amount of time. If you’re not prepared for the harsh winter, then your pipes could suffer various ways. With a few key strategies you can minimize any damage to your plumbing and protect your family all winter long.

Leak Repair

Repairing your plumbing is never fun. Many homeowners avoid it at all costs, but the cost could be high come January. Even the smallest leaks can turn into major problems when the temperatures plummet. Now is the time to have your entire system professionally inspected by a Minnesota licensed and certified plumber. An inspector can assess the condition of your pipes, and recommend the proper course of action to take in order to restore you plumbing and tighten any loose connections which may be causing the leaks.


One of the most effective strategies to protecting your pipes from the freezing weather is to insulate them. Insulation is very inexpensive and easy to install. Simply locate the pipes that may be exposed to outside and surround them with insulation foam. Water pipe insulation prevents heat from escaping the pipes and can prevent your pipes from freezing up. It also keeps condensation from occurring in your pipes. Two basic types of insulation are pipe wrap and tubular sleeves. Pipe wrap is generally recommended for small pipes or sections. Sleeves cover larger areas. Either are effective at protecting your plumbing.

Where Is Your Main Cutoff Valve?

When your pipes burst, gallons of water can spew out underneath the house or across your yard in just minutes. Water spreading across your plumbing can freeze up and cause other areas to burst as well. So it’s a good idea to know where you main water cutoff valve is and how to shut the water off. If you need help in locating your main and how to adjust the valve, simply call your Aqua City Plumbing specialist. When you cut the water off, turn on your faucets until all the water and pressure are released, then turn them all off, before turn your main back on.

Drain All Outside Water Systems

If you have hoses connected to your outside fixtures, or a sprinkler system it’s a good idea to complete drain them and let them dry out before the freezing temperatures hit. Excess water in or around your sprinkler system will almost guarantee that the pipes will burst. Insulate any exposed pipes and sprinkler heads to keep the cold temperatures from damaging them. You may want to disconnect any hoses or water extensions from the outside faucets. This will keep your connection safe and ice from forming around them.

If you need a local plumber for pipe thawing in Minneapolis, please call 612-827-2871 or complete our online request form.

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