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Providing Quality Plumbing Services

Aqua City Plumbing is the local leading plumber for all of your plumbing services in Minneapolis and the St. Paul area. We take great pride in the work that we do and the results that we are able to leave behind for each of our clients. Your plumbing is an essential aspect of your home and daily routine so let us help ensure that you keep yours up and running.

Residential Plumbing

residential plumbing minneapolis mnOur main area of expertise and only professional focus is on residential plumbing. As a family owned and operated plumbing company, we know how essential it is to have operational plumbing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. It is not just about comfort and convenience, it is also about sanitation and cleanliness.

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Kitchen / Bathroom Plumbing Services

kitchen bathroom plumbing services minneapolis mnThere are countless tasks in your kitchen or bath that require the expertise of an industry professional. Whether you are building your home, remodeling or just want to update and upgrade certain features, we can help with that. From installation and repairs to replacement we can help with your sink, faucet, tub, shower, dishwasher, garbage disposal and more.

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Plumbing Repairs

plumbing repairs minneapolis mnThe most common calls we get are for plumbing repair issues. There are so many things that can go wrong, but only one name that you need to know of to get the job done for you. From drips to leaking pipes, and everything in between, call on us when you need repairs.

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Plumbing Installation

plumbing installation minneapolis mnWhether you need a plumbing fixture installed or plumbing pipes altogether, either way we can handle the job for you. There are plenty of reasons you might end up needing your plumbing updated and upgraded. All that matters is that you get expert care in order to complete the job.

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Water Heater Installation

water heater installation minneapolis mnOne of the single most important features for your plumbing, and home in general, is your water heater. This is what provides you with a relaxing hot bath at the end of the day, as well as the water you need to get your dishes clean. The bottom line is that you cannot go a day without your water heater so let us provide you with the installation you need to get it up and running.

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Sump Pumps

sump pumps minneapolis mnThe best way to prevent flooding is to never let water intrusion become a concern. The only way to ensure that is to install a quality sump pump to rid your home of this problem. Let us show you the options that you have and take care of professional installation for you.

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Pipe Thawing

pipe thawing minneapolis mnWinter weather is going to hit whether we like it or not. The important thing is to know that you have the pros here at Aqua City Plumbing to address your need for pipe thawing, when the need arises. Don't try to take care of this on your own or you are likely to end up with a bigger problem than just a frozen pipe.

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RPZ Testing

RPZ Testing minneapolis mnPlumbing systems are typically designed to keep water at a specific pressure in order to keep it flowing normally. However, if that pressure falls, contaminated groundwater can enter a system, leading to a potentially serious issue known as backflow. As the pressure gets lower, water flows in the wrong direction, or backflows,

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If you need plumbing services in Minneapolis & St. Paul, please call 612-827-2871 or complete our online request form.

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