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RPZ Testing Is Important & Now Madatory For Your Business Or Home

RPZ Testing minneapolis mnPlumbing systems are typically designed to keep water at a specific pressure in order to keep it flowing normally. However, if that pressure falls, contaminated groundwater can enter a system, leading to a potentially serious issue known as backflow. As the pressure gets lower, water flows in the wrong direction, or backflows, bringing in water used by appliances and industrial equipment. Water containing pesticides or fertilizers from landscaping could infiltrate the drinking supply as well.

Aqua City Plumbing is here to help keep your home or business up to date on your Backflow devices. We will come and test your device(s), send all of your paperwork into the city and remind you of your testing the following year. In the event that your device fails, we are also equipped to repair your device. There is little work for you.

Since January of 2016 backflow prevention and/or RPZ testing is requried. Here is the status of the law:

603.4.2 Testing. The premise owner or responsible person shall have the backflow prevention assembly tested by a certified backflow assembly tester at the time of installation, repair, or relocation and not less than on an annual schedule thereafter, or more often where required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The periodic testing shall be performed in accordance with the procedures referenced in Table 1401.1 by a tester qualified in accordance with those standards.

To make it simple, homeowners with testable backflow devices are supposed to have them tested by a certified tester annually. That is why you should call Aqua City Plumbing. We take backflow and RPZ testing seriously, and we’ll make it our business to inspect your system thoroughly. In the event that we do find problems, we’ll be able to recommend solutions that will keep you and those around you safe from backflow. We are a certified backflow tester and licensed professional plumbers in Minneapolis, MN.

If you need RPZ Testing in Minneapolis & St. Paul, please call 612-827-2871 or complete our online request form.

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